My Approach to Transformational Change

Soul to Soul Mentoring and Support for all those seriously interested in personal liberation and contributing to the evolution of human consciousness and planetary healing.

City View SunriseNOW is the time to clear and let go of what doesn't work anymore, so Divine Grace can work With you, In you and Around you, for you and all of life. 

My approach is thoughtful, compassionate, and direct.  People who choose to work with me are typically spiritually oriented and looking for a safe place to do deeper inner work and have increased inspiration and an energetic boost to move forward.

During a session I will provide a non-judgmental and supportive point of view while encouraging you to understand your thoughts and feelings and facilitate you in letting go of their charge, so you can make choices you feel good about and that will be conducive to living the life you desire. 

The Total-Being Method® uses a holistic co-active coaching model, which provides a powerful process for transformational change.  Together we will co-create a reMembering Wholeness process, balancing the being and the doing of your life.

Each session includes a Subtle Energy Infusion to Restructure, Integrate and Boost the Subtle Organizing Energy Bodies (the Aura) that interconnect with the other energy systems, the mind, and physical body.

Ongoing coaching is offered to support inner strength needed to be present to what ever shows up in your life ~ pain, chaos, disappointment, confusion, as well as the goodness of life - with ease and joy.

  ~ Alice Kleimens, Project Manager, Novato CA writes about her experience with Ahuva Natasha.  

In a series of phone sessions, I experienced more energy and an increased awareness and upliftment that helped me getting through an economically challenging time.  Ahuva Natasha skillfully listened to my language patterns to help me detect and clear my internal obstacles.  She is an outstanding mentor, who becomes your ally and advocate in clearing old patterns and helps integrate spiritual, mental, feeling, and physical bodies for self renewal.  I highly recommend Ahuva Natasha to promote optional functioning on all levels.”  

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Now is the time for a more positive proactive and Divine-Centered lifestyle, preparing and opening you to receive Divine-Grace. Nurture yourself and remain open to receiving Grace in all ways, at all times, for Grace works in its own time and way . . . in and with you.

    • Clear blocks keeping you from being the joyous being you came here to be
    • Reframe your beliefs and attitudes into more Divine-Centered mindset
    • Lessen your grasping ego-personality with more self-compassion
    • Strengthen your ability to have greater inner calm and emotional balance
    • Strengthen your resonance with your Divine-Spark, the Divine Matrix and beyond 
    • Clarify your soul longings, life purpose, and your desired outcomes 
    • Enhance your ability to take action for life-affirming outcomes in your life.
    • Reinforce and support the divine-gift-of-you and your unique plan of action.