House Clearing & Blessing

5fd9d6e7-7ed4-4637-b71b-ff077c2daf82House Clearing & Blessing can make a home or workplace feel lighter and be a more life-affirming space in which to live or work.  All cultures have some sort of cleansing-blessing ceremony - smoking a space with sage, drumming, getting rid of stuff and reorganizing, spring house cleaning, or have a house warming gathering. We all have the ability to create ritual, ceremony, prayer, and use sound and scents to clear our own space.  So why use me?

As a seasoned intuitive healer and energy clearing practitioner, I can make it easier for you to clear your mindset so you can let go of unconscious emotions and attachments about your space.  I can energetically boost your intentions, uplift your concerns, and support you in blessing both yourself and the physical space for transformational change.  It's about empowering you to create and sustain a more harmonious environment to enjoy.

This process is done in concert with the client. Together we walk around an entire dwelling and property to locate and clear or drive away unwanted and problematic energies, undesirable thought forms, dark spiritual entities, and stagnant energy that is making the place uncomfortable to be in.  

Clear and Bless to Sell Real Estate:  This process also clears the energy that makes a house, building, or property unappealing to buyers.  In some cases a house sold within a month after a session.

Remote Clearing and Blessing:  This process can be done remotely using dowsing and remote viewing.  Also will interact with client to engage him or her in the clearing/blessing ceremony and to help clear his or her emotional involvement with the setting (work or home). In the case of real estate sales, I help clear their attachment to the property, so they can more effectively let go and allow a new owner to come in.

The fee is $80 for one hour. $30 for any additional half hour. Travel expenses are extra - mileage and time. If more than one person is involved with the Clearing and Blessing, the fee is an extra $50 per person per hour.

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