A Gift for you . . . Total-Being Method® Session

Choose to be a different person, the person your heart has longed to be.  Imagine feeling calmer, clearer, more aware, more focused, and filled with All-Knowing Loving Light.  

Be uplifted and empowered during a Complimentary 20-minute Mental-Emotional Clearing and Energy Infusion session.  

No matter where you are on your path, I will meet you where you are and honor your life experiences, faith beliefs, and knowing. Use the form below for your "Gift of Getting Clear" of what's holding you back from creating the self and life you desire.


Ahricharduva has been extremely helpful to me as a colleague, mentor and energy healer. She's given me many great insights from her vast experience and training that have helped me make big shifts. Her energy work has given me heart-brain integration and expansion that has empowered me to do my work deeper and more effectively. 

Richard Atkinson, Intuitive Business Coach, AccessCreativePower.com 

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