Healing literally means to make whole -
 the process of restoring an unbalanced, diseased, or damaged person to wholeness and occurs on multi dimensions by balancing, harmonizing and integrating the subtle organizing energy field, mind, and physical body.


Total-Being Integration a natural way of healing evolving out of my training and experience and my/our connection with the Divine.  

Subtle energy work is a key ingredient to enhancing the shifting and evolution of consciousness. My introduction to subtle energy healing work was through Shen Emotional Release with founder Richard Pevak in 1985.  In 1988, I studied Usui Reiki with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, of which I became a master teacher in 1991.  In 1993, I completed an advanced Reiki internship with Kiya Cote of Pathways to Light in Walnut Creek, CA.

From 1987-1991, I studied the Enneagram at the Jesuits seminary in Berkeley and with Helen Palmer, Co-founder of Enneagram Worldwide. The Enneagram is a powerful and dynamic personality system that describes nine distinct and fundamentally different patterns of thinking, feeling and acting.  I find the wisdom of the Enneagram invaluable in helping people look from a more unbiased and informed place regarding how their unique Enneagram point of view affects them and what can be done to bring them into psycho-spiritual wholeness. The Enneagram assists people learning how to let go of their false-self thinking and more easily move into their God-spark self, their greatness of be-ing . . . expressing their own uniqueness and gifts.

Due to my interest in leading edge modalities, the Total-Being Integration process is influenced by psychological neuroscience, epigenetics, heart-brain coherence, mindfulness, cognitive, and somatic psychology, consciousness evolution, and cosmic centered spirituality, as well as light body (live-vegan) nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

Energy Transmissions.  My ability to create an expansive safe container and direct subtle energy for healing and transformation in others is continually upgraded and empowered as I open my heart and mind to receive transmissions from earthly and ethereal spiritual masters, the Divine Marix . . . the cosmos and beyond. 

In 2010, while conducting a clearing session with a colleague, I was guided to lay hands-on his head and run subtle energy through his brain.  Afterward I was prompted to direct an energy transmission into his crown.  That wonderful and expansive session was the birth of my current way of working.  He wrote . . . .

“My immediate awareness was a very high vibrational energy that felt like a channel opening up to a huge flow of power - like the universe is in me."  

Richard Atkinson, Business Coach, Access Creative Power, Facilitator of Change