My focus is Total-Being Integration, re-membering wholeness - integrating within your own self and with the Divine all-that-is. Caring for your physical body and health. Refining conscious awareness and self compassion - healing your mind and emotional body. Learning to balance your divine inner guidance and intituition with your cognitive executive function and mental intelligence, empowering your lifestyle choices. I am here to guide you and support you in that.

Q:  What is the format of a session? 

A: The format includes some interactive dialogue and psycho-spiritual-karma energetic clearing along with subtle energy transmission to clear, harmonize, and strengthen the light body and thinking process.  A brief discussion of your background, mental health history, spiritual beliefs, emotional patterns, and your responses to life give me more insights to your point of view and willingness to let go of limiting beliefs.  My therapy training and intuitive undestanding of the human condition, allows me go deeper into your thoughts and emotional patterns, if you are willing.  

Q: Do you need to be in person for a session?

A:  No.  Most sessions are conducted by phone.Transmission are done remotely using distance energy work. 

Q: Do I have to talk?

A:  A large part of this work is done in the realm of consciousness with your being directing and guiding what is happening.  If you’ve had an experience that is too painful to talk about it can be handled with you processing in your own mind without having dialogue with me.  If either of us sense that some dialogue would be helpful, that can happen.

Q: Do I have to know what I want to talk about?

A: A portion of the session focuses on what you would like to talk about or address, and more so if I perceive it is needed or requested by you. I use interactive processing with you, as well as sharing my intuitive insights and acquired knowing from personal experience, sessions with others, and observation.  

Q: Do I have to believe in this for it to work?  

A: Yes and No.  Having sincere desire and willingness to change and to let go of limiting thoughts and behavior helps immensely. Although this is true, some of the doubters who tentatively asked for this work, now ask for an energy transmission when they were feeling down, tired, or had a lack of inspiriation.  In this kind of work we are dealing with the realm of energy, of vibration.  If a client resonates with me and this kind of work, and has the desire (conscious or unconscious) to be cleared of limitations and to be upgraded, it works better.  Of course, you have the power to call back any negative thinking and emotional patterns you desire, especially if you resist the change or miss your old ways, even though they aren't working for you anymore.

 Q:  How is this different from talk therapy, coaching, or counseling?

A: This process breaks up, clears and moves blocked energy (mental-emotions) patterns so they are no longer in your energy field and thoughts.  The subtle energy transmission balances and harmonizes your body-mind-spirit into heart-centerd coherence within and increases your resonance with God, the Divine Matrix.  It uplifts and lightens up your mind, enhances your desire to heal and to move forward into the unknown with more conscious and life-affirming vision.  

Q: Is this a medical treatment?  

A: While health conditions may be helped or even eleviated by clearing relevant limiting beliefs around an issue or condition, there is no diagnosis and treatment of the phsycial body involved. 

Q: Is this a religion?  

A: No.  However, as an ordained Essene Priestess, I have based much of my work on the Torah based wisdom and healing ways of the ancient and modern Essenes, as well as from traditions of both the East and West.  Whatever your religious or spiritual beliefs, I will frame the session to fit your beliefs - your point-of-view.  My focus is to assist you in getting out of the way of your resistance to your own conscious evolution and recognizing we all are of the Divine and One in the Divine.