Freedom from Narcissists

Yes!  You can Survive & Even Thrive Around a Dominating Self-Centered Person  


Feel Unseen - Lesser Than around Dominating Self-Centered People? When experiencing an overly Dominating Self-Centered or Narcissistic person, you don’t have to lose hope, self-confidence and your zest for life. Remember that all uncomfortable life situations offer the chance to learn and grow. It's a great opportunity to become more consciously aware and at ease with yourself.

Be inspired and uplifted and personally empowered!  Whether the dominating self-centered person is your parent, friend, partner, lover, coworker or boss, there is a way to protect and empower yourself from their toxic dominating behavior and influence on you. 

Be aware. Learn to recognize the Narcissistic characteristics and understand how to be around people who have these traits without going into self-doubt, fear, and self-diminishment.  Developing more self-compassion can help you to look at, heal, and lessen their mental-emotional hold on you.

Through my own painful experiences with overly Dominating Self-Centered and Toxic people, I asked myself, What would it take for me to feel good about myself when being put down, shamed or made wrong?  Learning to be more aware, mindful, less judgmental, and heartfelt in my thinking was my remedy. Using mindfulness meditation and psycho-spiritual clearing processes I have been able to tame the 'monkey mind' - lessening the inner chattering and constant judging of myself and others and life

What I offer is based on my life experience and conscious inner growth, as well as studying with therapists who work with the Narcissistic population. Understanding about and not buying into dominating people's point of view as 'the true reality' allows me to have more understanding, acceptance, and loving allowance for my self, so I can truly walk with and empower others.

You can learn the skills to move beyond.  During a session, you will learn how to recognize Narcissistic characteristics and what you can do about maintaining a healthy mindset and safe emotional response for yourself.  With a non-judgmental and supportive point of view, I will listen carefully to you and assist you in exploring and letting go of what's in your psychological makeup that allows the dominating person to have emotional power over you. You also will learn to increase your observation and intuition skills and learn effective clearing and mindfulness methods, to help you maintain a more confident and emotionally balanced point of view when around toxic, manipulative, and controlling people.

  - R.L. Christy, Social Entrepreneur, San Francisco Bay Area writes . . . Ahuva, you are the most effective life coach I have ever experienced - your approach helps me to integrate and sustain my evolution.

"Your mentoring has greatly helped me learn to cope more effectively with the over dominating people in my life. Thank you for educating me about the narcissistic personality disorder; their motivations; how to have healthy boundaries and self-care practices; and how to avoid common pitfalls that can occur, especially in the early stages of being woven into their web of control. 

Identifying and clearing my tendency to be intimidated by dominating self centered people, along with your compassionate ongoing support has helped me free myself of these draining influences.  I already have more energy and freedom.  I now know it's unrealistic to avoid or to expect narcissists to change. Most importantly, I know it's possible for me to navigate around the potholes of their need to control, so I can move forward in a healthy positive direction with personal sovereignty.  I can't thank you enough!"


Which Narcissistic Characteristics does the Difficult Person in your life have? Check off any characteristic that applies to the Difficult Person in your life.  Only check off a trait if it is expressed excessively, meaning it occurs more often than not.

___ 1.  Self-absorbed (acts like everything is all about him or her)

___ 2.  Entitled  (makes the rules - breaks the rules)

___ 3.  Demeaning  (puts you down, makes you feel less than, bullies)

___ 4.  Demanding  (of whatever she wants from you)

___ 5.  Distrustful (suspicious of your motives, especially when you’re being nice to him)

___ 6.  Perfectionistic (rigidly high standards - it is her way or no way at all)

___ 7.  Snobbish (believes he is superior to others - gets disinterested in you easily)

___ 8.  Approval Seeking (craves constant praise and recognition)

___ 9.   No Empathy (no interest in understanding your inner experience or unable to do so)

___ 10. Little or No Remorse (cannot feel sorry for others nor offer a genuine apology)

___ 11. Compulsive (gets overly consumed with details - the small or precise)

___ 12. Addictive (cannot let go of bad habits - uses addiction to self soothe)

___ 13. Emotionally detached (steers clear of talking about or experiencing feelings)

___ 14. Always Right (no matter what you say or do - she or he is ALWAYS RIGHT) 

___ 14. Mean (tends to be mean to others because they can and because of the lack of empathy and grandiose sense of self importance and entitlement)

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