Clear life regrets, negative self-talk and other concerns and embrace the light

Clear life regrets, negative self-talk and other concerns and embrace the light.

In memory of my childhood friend, Shirley, I offer this conscious death transition service.  In 2011, I had the honor of assisting her look at and clear worries and concerns and forgive herself and others, so she could embrace dying in peace and in wholeness. By letting go of self-judgment, fear of abandonment, self-anger, feelings of being wrong and unworthy, Shirley was able to enjoy the last weeks of her life with a renewed more positive and loving point of view. Daily distance subtle energy transmissions helped her embrace love and light and she looked forward to moving into the next phase of her being-ness.

This Conscious Dying process includes clearing sessions and Divine-Centered subtle energy distance work. The clearing process cleanses and frees one from deep inner wounds, negative thinking and emotional patterns, earthly attachments, and facilitates deep radical self-forgiveness, which opens the way to a more graceful and conscious death passage.  

I have had the honor of guiding people through the immediate distracting energies of the astro-plane at the moment of death and/or within 72 hours of passing over both in person or via distance work.  

Fee: A Love Donation. 30-60-minute sessions and FREE 10-minute sessions as needed.

November 4, 2010, Shirley asked me to speak with her as much as I could for the rest of her life. She was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. For the next 6-months we connected daily via phone and in the spirit realm. Shirley was willing to face, forgive, and let go of a lifetime of painful and negative thoughts about herself.  Daily remote subtle energy transmissions further assisted Shirley in clearing and calming her mind and expanding her consciousness, preparing her for a conscious death passage.  

Before her passing my friend Shirley wrote . . .

"Ahuva helped me forgive myself for my fear of abandonment, my self-anger and my deep sense of unworthiness, and the regret I’ve harbored for years.  She supported me in seeing myself with a renewed more positive point of view.  Teaching me how the brain and mind works and how to change my attitude has uplifted me.  Now I have more self-compassion and peace of mind, which has enhanced the quality of my life and for my process of dying in peace and in wholeness"

Shirley Laughton, MA, Special Education Teacher, Platteville, Wisconsin, 4/2011 

Thank you Shirley, for inviting me to assist you in leaving the 3-D world, guiding you through the astral planes, and you birthing into clear light of the higher spirit realms.  Shirley passed over consciously and peacefully on May 4, 2011.

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