Success Stories

1977000_668047389922955_890310216_nFeel more on Track.  After one of my speaking engagements, Ahuva Natasha offered an energy session that helped me keep on track with the changes I sought. She is gifted at reading energy and offering the correct words of encouragement to follow the path of light on your journey.

  - Jenny Craig, LCSW, BCD, International Consultant, Speaker, Author, Naples, FL

Fell in love with my life.  Ahuva Natasha cleared a past life pattern out of my mind and energy field, a pattern of escaping pain by taking my life when I've lost my loved one.  It was huge for me.  I sense that pattern has been around a long time, not just in me, but also in the collective matrix. That clearing opened me to fall in love with my life, no matter if there is no other love of my life. What I experienced: Energy clearing, yes. Brain re-patterning, yes. Even a timeline shift for me. I have much gratitude to you for helping me make these shifts.

        - Karen Way, Author, The Way of Love, Bend, OR

2f672ffGet so much more from working with her than with others.  Ahuva Natasha is gifted at energy work and compassionate in working with clients. Her approach is very client centered and she offers insights that are very helpful in moving to a new level of being and consciousness. I always get so much more from working with her than with others. Her approach is unique and she is always bringing in new information and ways of working with people. I can very highly recommend her. Ahuva Natasha is a brilliant facilitator and teacher.  Those who have the good fortune to be in her presence in a workshop or one-on-one session will gain immense awareness of the subject matter at hand. She is compassionate, straight forward, focused and open to following the group and where it must go in order to explore and experience the fullness of the subject.

- Rebecca Gabriel, Director, Business Services, Home Forward, Portland, OR


More relaxed into my body.  During this process, I was able to see how I have held myself hostage and angry with myself and life.  Even though Ahuva Natasha gently assisted me in clearing my self-doubt and negative thinking, it was difficult to own up to.  In the end I felt more relaxed into my body and lighter in how I viewed and treated myself.

- Michael Morrel, ESKABO Daan Martial Arts Instructor, Portland, OR

More clarity and joy.  Ahuva Natasha continues to assist me in having clarity on how to go on to the next step in a project.  Lately, we’ve been working on my ability to stay focused and to complete projects on time with ease and a sense of joy.

- Hannah Martine, Managing Director at HonorWorks, Bellingham, WA

More at peace with myself.  After our conversation at the Cremery coffee shop, I remember sitting in my car feeling extremely overwhelmed and dumfounded about the many things we discussed.  A couple of days later, my thoughts sunk in and I suddenly realized that I somehow progressed into a much different person.  Just like that, I gradually sensed that I was at peace with myself.  These are the after thoughts I wish to share with you about this unique experience of meeting you.

- D. Wang, Chiropractic Student, Portland, Oregon

More connected with inner power.  After the clearing and empowerment session, which was done over the phone, I felt more comfort and joy within and greater ability to reconnect with and to call upon my inner power to help me move through my life with more ease.

- Yves Dubé, VIsionary, Author, Etre MAITRES de nos Vies, Quebec Canada

Chieun OhMore calm, focus and harmony.  After the transmission I felt more calm, more focused, and harmonious - that was one of the things I asked for.  Right after the session I felt changes within me.  A week later, I continue to feel the energy (even more than on the day I received it) as the energy is still living inside me and is all around me.

- Chieun Oh, Healer, Mother, Sushi Restauranteur, Medford, OR

More self-compassion and peace of mind.  Ahuva Natasha helped me forgive myself for my fear of abandonment, my self-anger and sense of unworthiness, and the regret I’ve harbored for years.  She supported me in seeing myself with a renewed more positive point of view.  Teaching me how the brain and mind works and how to change my attitude has uplifted me.  Now I have more self-compassion and peace of mind, which has enhanced the quality of my life and for my process of dying in peace and in wholeness.

- Shirley Laughton, MA, Special Education Teacher, Platteville, WI

November 4, 2010, Shirley asked me to speak with her as much as I could for the rest of her life. She was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. For the next 6-months we connected via the phone and in the spirit realm. Shirley was willing to face and let go of a lifetime of painful and negative thoughts about herself. Daily remote energy transmissions assisted Shirley in clearing and calming her mind and expanding her consciousness, preparing her for a conscious death passage.

Thank you Shirley, for inviting me to assist you in leaving the 3-D world, guiding you through the astral planes, and birthing into clear white light of spirit realm. Shirley passed over consciously, peacefully, embracing angels on May 4, 2011.  Ahuva