Ahuva Natasha comments on her 'coming into wholeness' journey . . .

This reMembering wholeness process has prepared me for my ministry as a Wisdom-Keeper and Facilitator of Expansive Light and Love


Since I was a child, I knew deep inside that life didn’t have to be dominated by fear, anger, arguing, force and control over others, and war. Caring adults said I was mistaken, that the world didn’t work that way. Their comments invited me to explore what I sensed about life more deeply and clearly.  Thankfully I have been gifted the ability to view my life experiences as Opportunities to Learn, to Choose Love and Grow into a better person.

In my life, I’ve felt fear and self-doubt, incessantly judged myself, and made plenty of unaware and anti-conscious choices.  Even after years of learning to open to my heart knowing and mindfulness and clarity, the pesty ego thoughts show up - giving me yet again opportunity to be more conscious - more aware and see my illusory and confused thinking as "just-is" and gracefully let it go.  

Over time, I have learned to trust my spiritualization process. I have used ways to clear, calm and focus my mind so I can lighten up on ego - fear, anger, doubt, resent, jealousy, anxiety, worry.  Most importantly, I've learned to trust Grace and to cultivate deeper loving allowance, understanding and kindness for myself and for the suffering I create while figuring out how to live on earth.  Nameste.

Throughout my life three insights have come to me that I've used as reminding mantras.

Be flexible:  The first one came very early in my life when one day while struggling to make life work for me, I realized how important is is to just be open, flexible, and go with the flow. 

Trust Your Process:  This phrase has kept me more present and reminded me to relax even more into my heart knowing and to lessen self-doubt and self-judgement and other fear-based ego thinking.  

Just Be Yourself:  One night I was standing by myself at a Honolulu martial arts center, my head full of "What is life about?"  An older Asian Tai Chi Master appeared out of the shadows, gently touched my arm and said, "Just Be Yourself."  It took years to unpack the various levels that meant.

To unpack and integrate the meanings of "Just Be Yourself," I sat in the presence of Eastern and Western wisdom teachers; received shaktipat/energy empowerments; meditated, prayed; became a subtle energy healer; practiced a vegan diet; explored and flowed with sacred dance and energy movements, and did my inner work - being flexible, trusting my process, and just being myself.  

Doing inner work prepared me for receiving Grace and liberation from fear-based dualistic thinking and getting stuck in life drama.  Grace is the liberator.  Grace abounds in our daily lives and patiently and lovingly guides us.  Grace comes in gentle doses, bringing a clear knowing and deepening.  Grace comes in it's own way and in its own time ~ we can't force it.  Grace works through and for us and we are changed -  lighter and freer within.



Yod-Heh-Wah-Heh (YHWH) is an expansive mantra revealed to Moses 3,400 years ago at the 'burning bush, 

"That which was, Is, and will Be.  I will become what I already Am.  I Am That."  

The energy or vibration of Yod-Heh-Wah-Heh clears our consciousness, opens the heart-mind, reminds us of our wholeness, and prepares us for receiving Grace. 

Essene Priestess Ahuva Natasha, MA, MPH, MDiv, LMFT  see Ahuva Natasha's Vitae for more