Wisdom Gathering

A place to learn be healthier, more inspired, motivated, happy and prosperous

Clear and update your holodeck - the story you create about who you are.  Made up from misunderstandings and diminishing lies that hold your heart, mind, spirit and life captive.  



Weekly Group Meetings for Women:  

Learn what it takes to clear and change your mindset and to be more empowered. Improve self-esteem, self-compassion, creative thinking, communication, and ability to have more success in your relationships at work and social settings. 

Join us and explore effective ways to reduce limiting thoughts and annoying emotions to help you be focused, more effectively handle your ongoing daily life challenges, and have more energy to pursue your sacred purpose for being on earth.

This is a dynamic process, designed to deepen your knowing about yourself and supporting Spirt in your life.

    • Clear blocks keeping you from being the Divine gift-of-you
    • Lessen your grasping fear-based ego-personality
    • Develop more self-compassion and confidence
    • Strengthen your emotional intelligence 
    • Reframe your beliefs and attitudes into a happier mindset 
    • Clarify your soul longing, life purpose, and your desired outcomes
    • Reinforce and support  your unique plan of action
    • Enhance your ability to take action in your life

2f672ff“Ahuva Natahsa is a brilliant facilitator and teacher.  Those who have the good fortune to be in her presence in a workshop or one-on-one session will gain immense awareness of the subject matter at hand. She is compassionate, straight forward, focused and open to following the group and where it must go in order to and where it must go in order to explore and experience the fullness of the subject.  

Rebecca Gabrield, Director, Business Services, Home Forward, Portland, OR

Total-Being Method Energy Work Classes:  

Day-long Class - 8 hours on a Saturday. This is a Hands-On and Distance Subtle-Energy Healing training. Today the healing energies are more available and people interested in Healing Work and Personal Wmpoerment are more receptive to the Life-Force energies than in past years. The information and Subtle-Energy Attunements (Empowerments) passed down by the Teacher is understood, absorbed and integrated faster by the students, hence classes are now a day long instead of two days long.

Next Total-Being Method Energy WorkTraining will be Saturday, January 28.  A Siskiyou county location will be announced at a later date.  Register below or call me at 530-938-1509.  

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