TOTAL~BEING METHOD® Clearing & Empowerment

A private session will give you deep personal insights and facilitate you to let go of and heal the energetic patterns, emotional blockages, and limiting and reoccurring thoughts that do not serve your daily life, spiritual growth and empowerment.

Private sessions available in person & by phone. 75 minutes, $75 

A Total Being Method® Clearing & Empowerment session includes mindfulness talk therapy, psycho-spiritual and emotional trauma clearing, effective interpersonal communication skills, deep self-forgiveness, along with a subtle energy infusion to restructure, balance and integrate the Subtle Organizing Energy Bodies (Aura) that interconnect with all of the other energy systems and the physical body systems.  Each session is specific to your needs and desires.

In a session you can become aware, look at, meet, move-through, and lay down unwanted patterns.  My contribution is to help you establish a sense of safety and self-confidence, so you can stay focused and learn to feel, sense, trust, follow, and more naturally flow and effectively work with the energy of what's going on within yourself and those around you.


Michael Morell

- Michael Morrel, ESKABO Daan Martial Arts Instructor, Portland, OR  

During this process I was able to see how I have held myself hostage and angry with myself and life.  Even though Ahuva gently assisted me in clearing my self-doubt and negative thinking, it was difficult to own up to.  In the end, I felt more relaxed into my body and lighter in how I viewed and treated myself.  Self-compassion works!

Flora LaRayne

Flora LaRayne

Flora LaRayne, Divine Reflections Angel Readings, Sound & Light Practitioner at Wise Awakening, Bellingham, WA

"Ahuva is a Wisdom Keeper, a steward of consciousness.  She opens new neural pathways and relays upgrades in ways that can assist the greater intelligence of Divine frequencies to work within."


Benefits of this heart-based integrative energy work are having ~

  • more conscious awareness
  • more mindfulness - being more present  - have clarity and focus
  • more inner calm, emotional intelligence - balance and harmony
  • more self-compassion - wise and calmer acceptance for yourself
  • more open and flexible - lightening up on ego needs
  • your light body strengthened - being more resonant with the Divine Matrix

. . . and being able to more easily drop . . .

  • fear based thinking - anxiety, self-doubt, negative self-talk, worry, feeling lesser than and hopeless, judgment about yourself and others
  • limiting ideas about yourself and how life and the universe work
  • toxic or unwanted and stuck emotional patterns.

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