Total-Being Method Services

In your Divine heart-center, no matter what you were thinking or feeling before, you can have enough emotional intelligence to let thoughts and emotions lighten up more quickly and let them move through your awareness, without making them overly solid and significant - and without you having to take any action.

All sessions are conducted via phone, unless you live nearby Mt. Shasta or I am visiting your area. A personal one-on-one or small group retreat can be arranged in my home or a site of your choice.


Total-Being Method Clearing & Energetic Empowerment  A session will give you deep personal insights; help you navigate significant life events and transitions; assist you with more effective communication; and facilitate you to let go of and heal negative energetic patterns, emotional blocks, and reoccurring thoughts that do not serve your daily life, spiritual growth and empowerment.

75 Minute Session: $75


   I received clearing work from Ahuva Natasha at a time where I felt stuck and so stressed that it was difficult to find the energy to pull out.  After the treatment I felt lighter with a sense of relief and a positive attitude that I was going to move forward in my life. The next morning I awoke after a very restful much needed sleep, feeling absolutely exuberant!  It was a wonderful feeling of being in charge of my life and having energy to pursue it.  I couldn't wait for my next session.

                                 -  Janara Iman, Certified Nutritionist, San Francisco Bay Area



House Clearing & Blessing ~ On site $150 + travel, $100 if done remotely.  A House Clearing and Blessing helps boost real-estate sales and makes a home feel lighter and more harmonious. This energetic work cleanses the negative energies and also uplifts the home owner resident.


13720602-seasoned-nut-loaf-guacamole-romaine-lettuce-salsa--almond-nut-cheese-wrapped-in-a-collard-leafSpiritual Nutrition Moving toward a live plant-based diet feeds the soul as well as the heals body and reinforces it's natural ability to be healthy and vibrant.  Ahuva Natasha can help you identify and let go of interfering beliefs and resistances and adapt to changes needed to gradually and successfully move toward a plant-based diet.

$400 Monthly Package: 4 sessions - clearing, education, & subtle energy boost + daily email check-ins. Monthly Sessions prepaid.

Ahuva Natasha has in-depth training and understanding for ways to effectively work with people in fostering understanding and promoting effective behavioral change. She has greatly assisted me with adopting healthier nutrition and food choices.

                 - E. Emerson, MA, Public Health Policy and Program Manager, San Francisco Bay Area

Conscious Dying  Clearing life regrets, shame, guilt, self-doubt, and other concerns, this process prepares one for a more graceful transitioning into the next life.  During this time, I provide ongoing guidance and subtle energy transmissions to enhance one leaving this  3-D dimension and lovingly embrace the Divine. Love Donation. 

Ahuva Natasha helped me forgive myself for my fear of abandonment, my self-anger and sense of unworthiness, and the regret I’ve harbored for years.  She supported me in seeing myself with a renewed more positive point of view.  Teaching me how the brain and mind works and how to change my attitude has uplifted me.  Now I have more self-compassion and peace of mind, which has enhanced the quality of my life and for my process of dying in peace and in wholeness.

                        - Shirley Laughton, MA, Special Education Teacher, Platteville, WI



Sacred Ritual and Ceremony   

Ordained Essene Priestess by Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD, founder of the Essene Order of Light, Modern Essene Movement, Tree of Life Meditation Center, Patagonia, Arizona

MDiv in Ministry, from San Francisco Theological Seminary in San Anselmo, California, and graduate coursework at the Jesuit School of Theology and Unitarian Universalist Starr King School for Ministry in Berkeley, California.

As an Ordained Clergy, I offer sacred rituals and ceremonies for:

• Wedding Officiant

• Baby naming ceremonies

• Birthdays & Rites-of-Passage

• Death Passage - Journey to spirit world and Remembrance ceremony 


Sessions & Payment -

All sessions are conducted via phone, unless you live nearby Mt. Shasta or I am visiting your area.  A personal retreat can be arranged in my home or a site of your choice.

Private Pay:  Cash, Cashier Check, Money Order, and Pay Pal are excepted for payment. Insurance and Credit/Debit Cards are not taken at this time

Payment is due at the time of your session.  If you miss a scheduled appointment, you will be charged for the whole session unless it is a personal crises or emergency, you need notify me at least 24 hours in advanced to be refunded.