Choose the Tree of Life, the Divine

. . . not the Tree of (Ego) Knowledge of what’s Right & Wrong - dualism

Choose the Tree Life.  Return to the Divine and know the Self.  Be still - Know that I am God.  In our Divinity-Center we can more easily view all of life as just ‘What-Is’ instead of making up fear based and knee jerk explanations and stories to create pain and suffering for our self and others.  In that sacred still point we are able to be more present to our heart knowing and Divinity - more aware, calm, mindful and able to have loving-allowance and compassion for our self and others.  

Move away from Ego Grasping, the dualistic Tree of Knowledge of what’s Right and Wrong, so Self-doubt, judgment and attachment to outcome can more easily fade and lose its hold on us.  Then we have enough composure to have choice and move out of the sense of lack and need to control and force others and life events to fit our ego needs. 

When you stop judging yourself and own up to and have Loving Allowance & Compassion for All of You - the good, bad, ugly & evil of you . . . you are FREE to view your fear-based ego mind and emotions for what they are - lies & misunderstandings,
all impermanent thoughts - a illusory point of view about What-Is.  
All is Divinity and we are safe and loved.
 No matter what you were thinking or feeling before, in the Divine-Still Point, you can have enough emotional intelligence to let thoughts and emotions lighten up more quickly and move through your awareness like clouds in the sky, without making them overly solid and significant - and without you having to say anything you may regret OR take any knee-jerk reactive action. Ahh.  Relief!