Tools for Discernment

Sometimes we receive very compelling messages and insights, yet they may feel a bit off or sideways. Follow your own Divine heart knowing. That expansive high frequency vibration of just-knowing. See and live from your non-judging, clear, mindful, kind, caring and more loving viewpoint. That place where you can humbly observe yourself and the human experience of us all with self-compassion, loving allowance, understanding, and cosmic wisdom.

Go within. Breathe deeply. Say - "If this (your choice) is right for me at this time, may it persist in my heart-mind and keep prompting me to choose it."  Breathe. Let go of doubt. Allow. Breathe. Go with the flow from your heart knowing. Repeat this and check in for at least three days to see what persists. 

IMG_0944Lighten up your feeling sense and thinking mind - follow your wise calm heart-based awareness and expansive inner prompting!   Be guided by and merge with all-knowing Divine Wisdom. 

ASK - "Does this guidance or message feel light and expansive?" "Does it feel off, heavy or dark?"  Keep on asking yourself this. You will know what to follow

Sit in the now-moment, the non-judgmental and non-attached experience of Oneness.

Be still - Know that I am G-d.  Breathe. Go within. Trust your heart knowing and guidance.    

In that sacred still place, you can more easily view yourself and all of life calmly and see both the external world and your perceptions as What-Is.  When you are present - more aware, calm, mindful, having little or no judgment and attachment to outcome, the stuckness and fear-based ideas more easily fade and lose its hold on you. Create Peace. Be Peace.