Total Being Method® healing for the 21st century

re-Membering Wholeness . . . Balance, Harmonize and Align body~mind~heart~spirit within and with the Divine Matrix

Tap into your innate SACRED POWER & CREATE an Extraordinary Life.

Wake up with a fire in your Soul, THRIVING & ENJOYING Yourself & Life no matter what's going on around you.

Enjoy Heartfelt Clear Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Deep Inner Peace & Healing for YOU and the planet.


Know Yourself, Define Your Unique GiftsSustain Your Plan of Action  

Commune within.  Ask.  Listen.  Know Yourself.  Live the Truth of You.  You are a Spark of God.  Forgive Yourself.  Forgive Others. Choose Wisdom. Choose to have Understanding and Loving Allowance for the Human Expererience, Your Life!  Choose Self-Compassion. Trust and find Gratitude for Your Life Process, your life learning, the evolution of human consciousness. Create Healthy Respectful Boundaries.  Let Go of what feels heavy and dark.  Welcome the Clear Light.   See and Deal with Life as What-Is.  Have Confidence in Yourself and the Divine.


Ahuva Natasha Taylor

The Total Being Method® process will be customized for YOU.  

We all have natural innate intelligence and inner strength to work through our difficult life issues, to heal ourselves, and find empowering answers from Divinity within.  And . . . sometimes we need an elder companion to ask poignant questions and really listen to our answers, give loving wise feedback, and provide some help along the way.

A Master Intuitive Counselor and Healer, my speciality is helping a client go deeply into his/her own inner world to reveal, address, and let go of limiting confused and feat-based beliefs and misunderstandings about self and life.

Walking the distance with you, I can guide you to let of self-doubt and limiting thoughts. Guided by Divine Love and Wisdom, I will honor your beliefs, your life knowing, and spiritual awareness. I will remind you, validate you, inspire you, and support you as the sovereign Divine-Spark of clear radiance that you already are, your natural goodness.

Be all of You ~ a life-affirming glorious gift to the world. Awaken & support your inner spark, your natural trust & faith in & joy of living. Share your beauty! See, appreciate, affirm the beauty in you, in others, in life." In gratitude for you - Ahuva אהובה Natasha

This transformational work helps us keep on tract with our life purpose intention and to trust and follow our life growth process with courage and creativity.  Lightening your mental-emotional load, you can more easily change your mind, the way you view your self and life. When we can see life's events as 'what is' instead of good vs. bad, we have more inner freedom ~ more choice and ability to move with ease within the context of a constantly changing, challenging, confusing, and dualistic thinking world. Life as we create and perceive it is actually many paths of "infinite possibilities' and it is time to let go of what doesn't work for you anymore.

~ Rev. Ahuva Natasha Taylor, MDiv, MPH, LMFT ~ Ordained Essene Priestess, Ordained by Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD, Essene Order of Light, the Modern Essene Movement, Master Intuitive Healer, Interfaith Spiritual Director, Holistic Health Educator, Gentle Touch Masseuse                                                                                                                                                                      

Penny Pierce

Penny Pierce

Penny Peirce, Expert Intuitive, Author of “Frequency, The Power of  Personal Vibration, says after a session with Ahuva.

“Ahuva Natasha’s skill springs from her wonderful eclectic spirituality, her keen and observant mind, intuitive clarity and humility.  She is evolving a form of healing that clears confusions of the soul, in addition to the emotional body and mind, she gets at deep and subtle issues not many even see."

Bloom Post

Bloom Post

Bloom Post, Shamanic Healer, Author, of "Shaman’s Toolbox: Practical Tools for Powerful Transformation," writes . . .

“Ahuva Natasha is a breath of fresh air in the world of emotional clearing and healing. She has empowered me to shift my consciousness through her grounded approach to cosmic transformation. As one who does healing work, I am always grateful to find a gifted ally on this journey. 


Ahuva Natasha writes about herself . . . 

"On my own life journey, I've learned to trust and open to life "As-Is" and to Divinity by fostering deeper loving allowance, kindness, and gratitude for myself, the human condition, and all of life. Trusting my process, I've come to perceive myself and the human experience with more conscious awareness, understanding, heart-felt compassion, and by learning and re-learning to trust and ask for Divinity to be my guide and to increase my ability to receive and choose that which evolves my consciousness and supports me in living and sharing my life with joy and purpose." Ahuva Natasha

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